12mm-US 17

Twilight Knit and Crochet Patterns

The Twilight movie series sported some really lovely hand knits. Here are some patterns that recreate the items worn by the cast of this mega-popular movie. These would make wonderful gifts for anyone who is a big fan.

Twilight knit wrist warmers - Alice

Alice Cullen Scarf
Alice Wrist Warmers (shown in Alice picture above)


Twilight Bella Scarf
Bella’s Baseball Scarf *Ravelry
Bella’s Mittens
Bella Swan La Push Hat
Forks High Beanie *Ravelry

Twilight knit scarf

Carlisle Cullen Baseball Scarf *Ravelry
Cullen Crest Hat *Ravelry

edward cullen twilight knit

Edward Portrait (pillow or wall hanging)

Rosalie scarf Twilight

Rosalie Hale Hat
Rosalie Hale Scarf (shown in Rosalie picture)