New Recycled Denim Yarn

There are two things I just love. Using recycled materials for knitting…..and knitting socks. Kollage Yarns just introduced a new recycled denim yarn and I just could not say no to it!

Since I am challenging myself to design a new pair of socks each month, I just had to have this yarn for my next project.

recycled denim yarnI can’t wait to get my hands on this. The yarn is called Riveting and is 100% made from recycled blue jeans. I have many design ideas going through my head on what type of socks to make with this yarn but it won’t be delivered for a few more days so I will wait until I feel and see it before really planning out the design.

I guess that means I have two days to complete the sock design on my needles now! I best get busy!

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