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New Recycled Denim Yarn

There are two things I just love. Using recycled materials for knitting…..and knitting socks. Kollage Yarns just introduced a new recycled denim yarn and I just could not say no to it!

Since I am challenging myself to design a new pair of socks each month, I just had to have this yarn for my next project.

recycled denim yarnI can’t wait to get my hands on this. The yarn is called Riveting and is 100% made from recycled blue jeans. I have many design ideas going through my head on what type of socks to make with this yarn but it won’t be delivered for a few more days so I will wait until I feel and see it before really planning out the design.

I guess that means I have two days to complete the sock design on my needles now! I best get busy!

12mm-US 17

3 Great Recycled Craft Projects for Children’s Groups

Recycled knitting and crocheting is a great craft for any school, church, charity or scouting group. Do a plastic bag roundup. Get the kids to gather up all of the plastic bags in their household and neighborhood. Give a lesson on the effects of plastic bags on the environment and then show them how they can use those plastic bags to create new non-disposable items for themselves, their families and friends.

Recycled Plarn Backpack Pattern

plarnbackpack-261x300 This is a great way to help any child (or adult for that matter) eliminate the use of plastic bags. Teach them about the importance of not sending plastic to the landfill; teach them the valuable skill of crocheting and teach them to be resourceful by re-purposing an old item into something new. Plarn (plastic yarn) can be knit and crocheted into a whole range of items and once you get onto it you will be hooked! (no pun intended)

Recycled Old Cassette and VCR Ribbon

libbycassettetapebag There are just a ton of old cassette tapes and VCR cassettes around and they usually end up in the landfill. This picture shows you a purse made from two strands of cassette tape ribbon combined with one strand of brown ribbon (from an old sweater). Use your imagination and come up with creative patterns for using these old tapes. Make doormats, bags, placemats, etc. Just don’t ever send them to landfill.

Recycled Sweaters Mittens For Those Who Can’t Knit

recycled-sweatersFor those who just can’t knit or for kids who want to earn a sewing badge, recycling an old sweater is a great way to go. Trace your hand on a piece of paper making it slightly larger to allow for seam allowance and then sew it together for instant warm mitts. You can use the remainder of the sweater to sew up iPod or cell phone cases, headbands, etc. A great way for kids to use the sweaters they outgrow.

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for great kid’s projects that will re-use and recycle old out-dated or worn out items. What a great no-cost way for kids to make holiday gifts for their families!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or add your own project to the list!