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Where in Toronto/Etobicoke can I learn how to knit or Crochet?

Does anyone know of any classes in any of these areas???

Alterknit: http://www.alterknitcafe.com/

The Knit Cafe: 1050 Queen Street West, (416) 533-5648, http://www.blogto.com/fashion_style/2005/02/the_knit_cafe/

Lettuce Knit: http://www.lettuceknit.com/classes.asp

The Naked Sheep: http://www.nakedsheep.ca/classes.asp

You can always join the TTC Knit-along going to and fro your knitting classes: http://ttcknit.blogspot.com/

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Please answer this question if you know how to crochet. 10 points best answer?

I just learn how to crochet so im still learning.Watch this video and look closely at 2:30 and how he changes rows.

Right when you start that row you know how when you look at it from on top how there is 2 stitches that look like the chain you first made. Do you put the hook through both or just one. I tried to explain it the best i could

You only put it through one.

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how do i learn to crochet?

i know how to knit a scarf but thats about it?
-i want to crochet beanies and bags, can i just knit four squares then tie them together and it will make a bag?
-also is crochet or knitting harder?
-and do i need a lisence of somesort to sell my crochet or scarfs on myspace?

The problem most beginners have with crochet and knitting is holding everything (hook/needles, yarn, and working piece) and keeping guage. So, don’t worry if you have problems with that at first. A bigger hook/needles makes it easier for any beginner to learn and practice either craft. You might need to change the way you wrap the yarn around your fingers.

I found that a tightly wound verigated yarn makes it a lot easier to find stitches, count stitches and not tear apart the fibers of the yarn.

I think whichever craft you learn second will be harder. I learned to crochet first so I think that knitting is harder.

I actually think that they are equally difficult and probably take the same amount of time and effort to master… and are both frustrating to a beginner. People are normally more patient with the first craft… when you go to learn the second, you are more likely to give up because you already know how to do it the other way. You don’t remember just how long it took you to get that other craft looking decent.

A great place to sell handmade items is www.etsy.com or even ebay!
Those places use paypal and are much more secure than making deals with random people on myspace, plus they show when something is sold out so people don’t keep asking for the same thing. You can always mention something about being able to make special orders/requests.

Yes you can just make four squares then sew them together to make a bag, you can even find patterns that tell you how to do that. This is a great way to use up practice swatches, so try to think about the size when making test pieces.

I personally like the following for free patterns
www.Lionbrand.com – offers crochet and knit patterns for free and also sell some

www.crochetpatterncentral.com – links to patterns that are on other websites, it even tells you if you will be opening up a pdf document and if you need to be a member of the linked website to view the pattern (memberships are usually free) = patterns are categorized, so you can get a page of just hat pattern links or just bag pattern links

try doing searches for what you want
"free crochet patterns"
"free crochet hat pattern"
"free crochet scarf pattern"
you can add any specifics that you want

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Would like to crochet a princess hat. Any idea how?

I saw a princess hat being made on the show Knitty Gritty, I loved it so much but the thing is, that it was knitted. I’m a fast learning crochet rockie and would like try to crochet a princess hat for my toddler. Please help. Thanks.

I’m not sure what the Princess hat you want to make looks like but here are some links to patterns for hats that are called ‘princess’ – hope that one of them is similar to what you want:


Best wishes

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How do you crochet together?

I started learning crochet yesterday, i want to make a bag without sewing the edges, how do you crochet together?

Sewing the edges is not really that hard. All you do is buy a plastic needle that has an eye big enough to put your yarn through it. Then you just sew the edges together going through the outermost loop of the two sides held together.

Plan B is to use your crochet hook to crochet the sides together. Just pull up a loop through the two sides held together. Keep that loop on your hook and go down through the two sides again. Yarn over and pull the loop up. You will end up with a chain stitch that keeps the two sides together.

Plan C is to crochet in the round, as one of the answers suggests.

Since you are a beginner, it might just be easier to make a rectangle and then bend it in half and sew the two sides together.

Once you have the bag constructed, you might want to put a drawstring on the top. Just put a row of double crochet stitches all the way around and join. End it off. Then you can find a ribbon and put it through the double crochet stitches, in and out (maybe skipping every two stitches or more, depending on your choice). Now you have a Victorian style handbag!

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Beginner crochet- my work gets longer than my first chain?

I just learned crochet maybe about a week ago. I am trying to make squares, but I notice that I end up with more of a trapezoid shape when I get the work about 4-6 inches or so. What am I doing wrong? I was mostly using double crochet but when I tried to do the more complicated stitches I still ended up with a bigger end than what i began with. As strange as it sounds, how do I make sure I make a perfect square?

You are probably crocheting extra times. To keep your piece square, you must only do the same number of stitches that the last row had. The chain row is not all that important, usually it’s a bit stretchy so it will somewhat conform to the length of your piece. You might be chaining too tightly though; if the chain is really tight, it will pull the bottom of the first row extra tight.

One place you are adding extra stitches might be the beginning of each row. With DC you are supposed to chain 2 and then make your stitch in the 2nd stitch from the hook. To make sure you are getting the right number, try to count them every time, and see where your extra ones are coming from.

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How is the absolute best way to learn crochet and absorb [ record ], the most valuable knowledge possible?

1. I want to know and be able to identify the seven basic stitches, to use them with different hook and yarn or thread sizes, and record these sizes.
2. I like all the texture stitches resulting from using the three top loops of the stitches each single or in variety. There is much more than rib or ribbing.
3. I like the variety in front and back post stitches and that called basket weave.
4. Mesh alone or mesh between mesh in two colors is amazing.
5. Crochet in rounds, as doilies, dishcloths, granny squares, and such.

There is just so much to crochet.

I mean for the interested crocheter personally, I have made my own books, also made books out of purchased published books, all for collecting the crochet knowledge I want. How do other do it?

I have a file on my computer that has all my crochet patterns in it. Plus I have a whole box full of the printed out versions.

Also check here for more patterns. http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory.php

And to quote another poster…."So much to crochet….so little time" (and money to buy more yarn 🙂

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Where do I start? I want to learn to crochet…?

I need to know everything I need to start teaching myself how to crochet. My goal is to make my little girl some stuff. I just need to know where to begin and the tools I need! Thanks!

If you want written instructions, the best ones I have found are at the Lion Brand site: http://learntocrochet.lionbrand.com/

YouTube has a number of videos demonstrating crochet techniques. One series I like is produced by BethinTX: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bethintx1#play/uploads . She teaches "how to" by demonstrating how to make a granny square. You might be interested only in the first three lessons, which demonstrate chains, forming a ring, double crochet stitch, crocheting a round and joining at the end of the round, and crocheting a second round. All of those skills will be used in anything that is crocheted in rounds, including hats/beanies, flat motifs such as the granny square, and toys.

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Crochet- How do I make my second row of a slip stitch?

I’m trying to learn crochet, and I’ve got the first bit down. I can make the chain and slip stitch one row onto it, but I can’t figure out how to proceed making just a simple square of slip-stitch. How do I turn around and make my second row?

If you know of any good tutorials that illustrate this, that would be helpful. Also, try

I’m not sure if by slip stitch you mean single crochet or not. But I can give you a quick lesson on how to move to any row.

#1 At the beginning of any new row you need to make a chain to bring your hook up to the appropriate level for whatever stitch you’re making.

slip stitch = 0, you’d just turn the work around and continue to slip stitch across in the other direction. This stitch done continually will create a rather thick firm fabric. Not recommended for a pattern other than a pot holder maybe.
single crochet = 1 ch, sc across in each stitch
half double crochet = 2 ch, skip first stitch (because ch2 will count as first hdc) and hdc across
double crochet = 2-3 depending on what yarn you’re using. Skip first stitch and continue dc across row
treble crochet = 3-4 depending on yarn…

So on and so forth. If you wanted to you can make a stitch as long as 10 yo (I’ve seen them in patterns!). You just have to stick to the rule of thumb I’ve given above. Crochet is simple and once you’ve learned the fundamentals you’ll be able to create your own patterns with ease.

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I would like to learn to crochet…?

Hi, i would love to learn how to crochet.. Is there any starter kits out there? Or any tips for a beginner like what to start with as far as materials?

It might be a good idea to sign up for a few lessons so you can find out just what you need to learn. I was taught by my aunt, and I’m grateful that she taught me the basics before turning me loose with the hook and a book.

An excellent book or DVD is I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting! by Melissa Leapman: http://www.amazon.com/I-Cant-Believe-Im-Crocheting/dp/B000GD85IU .

And Lion Brand has excellent written and illustrated instructions here: http://learntocrochet.lionbrand.com/ .

YouTube videos can be iffy, but BethinTX does a pretty good job: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bethintx1#play/all/7AC5730A7D576011-all/0/hVBnFHGbeK4