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Great Yarn Finds – Discount Luxury Yarn

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get tired of using the same old yarn for every project. I love the unusual and I love trying new things. The trouble is that once you have sampled most of the yarns available at your local yarn or craft shop there isn’t much else to do but start looking online.

I have found a yarn company in Turkey….yup. Turkey LOL I buy from them on eBay and I absolutely love their wool. The first time I bought from them I kind of expected to get lower quality product and have to wait for at least a month for delivery. I was truly delighted when my package arrived within 10 days and the yarn was beautiful.

I have since then placed many, many orders. Everyone a true delight to receive and very unique. The price is what first caught my attention. REALLY CHEAP! I especially pay attention to their mixed lots whenever they are available. I can scoop up 100g balls of yarn for$0.50 or less sometimes. They generally sell their mixed lots in packages of 20-40 skeins for about $20 plus shipping. Even with the shipping From Turkey it is a huge savings and the yarn is so unique. The uniqueness is what draws me back to order time and time again.

Here are just a few of the yarns they offer. Everything from cashmere to silk to sock yarn. Baby yarn to eyelash and metallic. Trust me. You will love them too!